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Judo at the 1984 Summer Olympics

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at the Games of the XXIII Olympiad
VenueEagle's Nest Arena
Dates4 to 11 August 1984
Competitors211 from 61 nations
← 1980
1988 →

The Judo competition at the 1984 Summer Olympics continued the seven weight classes first used at the 1980 Games. With the open division, there were eight competitions. Powerhouse Japan returned to the top of the medal count after eight years, having boycotted the Moscow games. Because of the Soviet-led boycott of the Los Angeles games, several traditionally strong judo countries, including Cuba and the Soviet Union, did not participate. The Judo competition was held at California State University, Los Angeles.[1]

Austrian Peter Seisenbacher in the 86 kg class won the gold medal, as did Hitoshi Saito of Japan in the over 95 kg class, feats they would repeat in 1988, becoming the first judoka to win gold at two Olympics.

In the open division, four-time world champion Yasuhiro Yamashita tore a right calf muscle in the preliminary match against Arthur Schnabel. This put Yamashita at a huge disadvantage since he executed his throws by pivoting on his right leg. Though he managed to win the match with an Okuri-Eri-Jime, the injury caused him to visibly limp during the semi-final match against Laurent Del Colombo. Yamashita was thrown with an Osoto Gari only 30 seconds into the match, but managed to return an Osoto Gari and won the match with a Yoko-Shiho-Gatame (side four-quarter hold). He played the final match against Mohamed Ali Rashwan of Egypt. Yamashita won the final and the gold medal despite his injury. The match witnessed a remarkable fair play act from Rashwan who did not aim for Yamashita's right leg. Rashwan was even given an award from the International Fairplay Committee.[2]

Popular pro wrestler/judoka Chris Adams appeared as an advisor to the UK Judo squad, where his brother Neil Adams won a silver medal in the 78 kg class. It was the third and final Olympics the Adams brothers were involved in, competitor or otherwise.

Medal summary[edit]

Games Gold Silver Bronze
Extra Lightweight
60 kg
Shinji Hosokawa
Kim Jae-yup
 South Korea
Neil Eckersley
 Great Britain
Edward Liddie
 United States
Half Lightweight
65 kg
Yoshiyuki Matsuoka
Hwang Jung-oh
 South Korea
Marc Alexandre
Josef Reiter
71 kg
Ahn Byeong-keun
 South Korea
Ezio Gamba
Kerrith Brown
 Great Britain
Luis Onmura
Half Middleweight
78 kg
Frank Wieneke
 West Germany
Neil Adams
 Great Britain
Mircea Frăţică
Michel Nowak
86 kg
Peter Seisenbacher
Robert Berland
 United States
Walter Carmona
Seiki Nose
Half Heavyweight
95 kg
Ha Hyung-joo
 South Korea
Douglas Vieira
Bjarni Friðriksson
Günther Neureuther
 West Germany
+95 kg
Hitoshi Saito
Angelo Parisi
Mark Berger
Cho Yong-chul
 South Korea
Open category
Yasuhiro Yamashita
Mohamed Ali Rashwan
Mihai Cioc
Arthur Schnabel
 West Germany

Participating nations[edit]

Medal table[edit]

1 Japan4015
2 South Korea2215
3 West Germany1023
4 Austria1012
5 Brazil0123
 Great Britain0123
8 United States0112
9 Egypt0101
11 Romania0022
12 Canada0011
Totals (13 entries)881632

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